En Épica también tenemos un laboratorio joven que se encarga de investigar temas de participación, ambiente, liderazgo, voluntariado y comunidad. Acá encontrarás la biblioteca épica de papers y trabajos recomendados acerca de activación ciudadana, juventud y género.

Get Informed

This article from Harvard University reviews a survey took by young Americans that shows that they are worried for the health of their democracy and are even fearful of a civil war in the US. The poll also found that most respondents were disappointed with the Biden administration. This article represents valuable reading because it addresses specific issues related to citizens, democracy and young people from a scientific approach. How can we create relevant information today that comes from young adults? What are the perceptions and decisions to be made about it? Let’s read and activate our brains!

Here, we share an article published in the famous Argentine newspaper La Nación about world protests in the 21st Century that tries to share a light on their motives and common characteristics. Signed by a team of researchers from the German think-tank Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and the Initiative for Policy Dialogue, an ONG based at Columbia University, the report is one of the many studies about current protests and complaints.

More women in politics, please! épica promotes the participation and empowerment of women in politics, economy and social and cultural activities as part of the journey to activate citizenship. Therefore, this article represents a mandatory reading: it addresses the difficulties and little voice that women have had compared to the number of political decisions made during the fight against COVID-19 since the pandemic started. Be ready to get submerged in a reading that refers to gender issues and relevant topics, like the pandemic.

The article presents ten experiences of people or organizations that got organized to create change in their communities: from promoting culture through reading in Colombia to a project on access to clean water in Argentina or development of volunteer experiences in Ghana. What’s epic: the diversity of these cases proves that it is possible to generate impact when you work hard for it. All projects have an access link to amplify the information provided, and many times they include interviews to people involved in them.

This article explains awareness as a tool to apply strategically with other actions if the goal is to create real change in society. It’s based on lessons learned by different experts that analyze the impact of awareness vs. citizen engagement. What’s epic: it summarizes information and useful recommendations for those who want to create change in their communities.

A story in first person: this article tells the story of Eddie Ndopu narrated by himself. Ndopu is a South African activist that advocated for disability rights for over two decades, who explains why he decided to quit “solitary” work and join collective movements, collaborations and works (sounds familiar?). Ndopu shares his journey in activism, how he helped to put disabilities in the global public agenda and how his ideas on activism evolved over time. Mandatory reading!

The article “5 Big Lessons in Community Building Based on a Decade of Experience” includes points to consider when organizing community action. These points include frequent mistakes made by different organizations. Learning them is very useful to prevent them when starting a project. What’s epic: it helps to improve our initiatives.

Get Inspired

In épica we want you to get inspired! Here you will find videos, podcasts and other digital content that will make you want to activate your citizenship.

A platform about videos of social movements? A platform about videos of social movements! If you are passionate about épica’s work areas and you like to get lost during hours and hours in content platforms (YouTube? Netlix? Maybe Vime); this is for you! Bing has a broad section of videos of social movements where you can find their description, development and distinctive features. Click on the link we shared and book a lot of time to spend on this amazing adventure.

Tutorials are the Internet’s favorites - and ours too! Here we share one to learn how to launch a crowdfunding campaign with political impact. Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for projects developed on the basis of new technologies. Interesting, right? Imagine how much we can accomplish when it is used for activities of high political impact! That is what this video is about and our invitation is for you 😊

This video presents young people with different concerns and worries about the surroundings where they live and develop. Each young adult explains how to use different projects to specifically activate their communities, according to the things that mobilize them. What's epic: it’s motivational. Ideal for young epics that want to do something in their communities. Young people are a key aspect of the movement, and this video helps to elaborate ideas to activate citizenship. That’s what we do at épica!

The talk “The Chemistry of Community Building” (TEDx) presents an analogy with chemical elements and their behaviors so that everyone can find their purpose in their community and achieve it while strengthening their bonds with others. What's epic: it is inspirational to understand how personal development is boosted when we work with others.

In this video, the protagonist Daniel Buriticá shows his experience as a young community leader. He briefly presents a platform he created to use when managing and connecting volunteers, projects and donors, among other uses. What’s epic: it inspires us to innovate in volunteering and community action, and it presents a tool that we can use in our projects.