We make “Épica”

We are convinced that the best way to influence our communities is through active citizenship. That is why epic is a movement of active citizens.

We seek to influence the present and future of our communities by getting involved and making use of political processes, but overcoming party limits: that is why we are a non-party political alternative.

We understand that to activate citizenship it is necessary to be connected with ourselves and our environment. Along this path, “épica” provides training tools for personal and collective growth; alongside opportunities to do and participate with others in activities and actions that transform our reality.

What do we believe in?

  • We believe in a society which strives to strengthen democratic systems.
  • Freedom
  • Social justice
  • Individual effort as the basis for success
  • Solidarity
  • Transparency in public service
  • Equal opportunities
  • Defending democracy and our republic.
  • Transparency and the value of hard work.

What do we do?

  • Collect wills
  • Assemble teams
  • Work in the territory
  • We activate citizenship
  • Empower people and teams.
  • Engage in political and electoral undertakings
  • Share innovating ideas
  • We generate and collect information.
  • Leadership training

How do we do it?

  • We motivate and train people.
  • Commit to our proyects.
  • Los llevamos adelante.
  • We observe, evaluate and learn.
  • We create communities
  • We empower ourselves in diversity
  • We activate citizenship

Active citizens

“Épica” is sustained by its own members (“épicos”) and seeks to be a broad space: to be epic there are no geographical, partisan, religious or generational barriers.

Currently the focus of work is in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina; But our vision is to build a movement that encompasses the entire Latin America.

  • 200 active members.
  • 500 citizens participated in epic talks.
  • Voluntary teams in communication, coordination, territory, system and development of funds.
  • We involved 1,373 citizens as callers.
  • 15000 conversations in telephone lightning actions.
  • 2,000 new wills.
  • Citizens from 11 municipalities of the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Participation of citizens from 13 different provinces across the country.
  • We developed a team of callers who held more than 2054 personal conversations.
  • We made alliances with political leaders to enhance their work.
  • We advised and accompanied active citizenship spaces through volunteering.
  • We carried out telephone campaigns to motivate the participation of voters in the party primaries.
  • We summoned volunteers for the 2021 legislative elections.
  • Idea labs: we held 3 meetings with 100 participants.


Political participation

épica es un movimiento ciudadano y un espacio político: sin límites partidarios, nos involucramos en procesos políticos para alcanzar un país que se corresponda con nuestros valores.

Impact on the communities

an active citizenry participates in the political life of the community. Active citizenships strengthen the democratic systems of the countries. We generate a movement of citizens that makes “épica” from the grassroots.

Personal development

we are convinced that to be actively involved in a community one must be truly connected with oneself and with one’s environment. People who are aware and who value personal growth and education are more able to have a positive impact in their communities.